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Spotify Blend Playlist

Spotify recently introduced "Blend," which is a new way for two friends to merge their musical tastes into one curated playlist made just for them. As our friends and family know, one of our favorite pre-covid activities was going to live shows, so we're super into music and discovering new artists. That's why we jumped on board the Blend train and automatically created this one-of-a-kind playlist that's updated weekly.

Because it's in beta, it's only available in the app for iOS or Android, so if you want to see what we're listening to, visit the playlist link!


Here we are with Adam from one of Jenn's favorite bands, Low Cut Connie, at one of their shows in December 2019

Why Are You Like This?

And of course, because nobody can trust AI, we've also been sharing a playlist that we listen to on long drives so we each get a mix of our favorites. We made each other playlists before we even started dating and quickly discovered we had similar tastes, so it just makes sense to share one and discover new music, too!

Check out our 45 hours of music goodness and let us know if you can figure out which song is our first dance song :)

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